Sustainable Finance and Care in the light of Laudato Si' - 15 April, 2016

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The initiative "transformative cooperation between value-based investors" promoted by the CIME, by the EPE and the CSF, took place at the headquarters of the French Institute - Center Saint Louis des Françaises  in Rome on the morning of April 15th 2016.

The Conference has been opened by the speech of Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson (President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace) and concluded by Mr. Ermete Realacci (Chairman of the Environment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies).

The Conference has been preceded, on April 14th, by a meeting of European experts called upon to finalize the text of the draft "Declaration of Rome", the 2016-2021 agenda and the basic document.

On the basis of the Encyclical "Laudato Si" as well as the sustainable development goals adopted last September by the United Nations, the European Movement in Italy intends to draw attention of the public opinion not only to the hard path that has finally led to include in the International and European agenda the issue of planetary ecological crisis, but also to the role played by the scientific community, that has proven - beyond reasonable doubt - the anthropogenic origin of the current climate change, and the tireless work of environmental Organizations.

This initiative falls within the wider framework of the European Movement in Italy which intends to urge both the national and the European authorities to a change of course in the European integration process, to ensure dialogue and permanent consultation between the representative associations of the civil society and the institutional actors, to relaunch the project of a united Europe under the federal model of Altiero Spinelli as well as the Ventotene Manifesto and to make the public opinion aware of the added value of a system based on the supranational democracy.